Rains County TX - Teaching Certificates, Early 1900's

Huff, Fay - Alba white/female Nativity : Texas date issued : 08/07/1936 date of registration : 09/01/1936 age : 31 years experience in Texas : 10 yearsexperience in other states : 0

Huff, J.C. - Emory white/male Nativity : Texas date issued : 09/01/1920 date of registration : 10/22/1920 age : 28 years experience in Texas : 8 date issued : 12/30/1924 date of registration : "permanent" age : 43 years experience in Texas : 20


Kaufman County TX

W. L. Huff, was born in Brunswick County, Virginia on the 18th day on May 1850. Came to Texas December 3, 1871. Was bookkeeper in a dry goods store at Snow Hill, Titus County, Texas from date of his arrival in Texas until May 1875 when he married Miss Sue F. Bridges, daughter of J. R. Bridges. Moved to Kaufman County in 1876, was express messenger and agent for the Texas Express Company at Fort Worth and was the first messenger that ran over the T. & P. Railroad from Dallas to Fort Worth. Resigned on account of bad health. Returned to Kaufman County in the latter part of 1877 and was engaged for a short time as book-keeper for the firm of Edwards and Jones, merchants in Terrell and was afterwards employed as book-keeper for Frank Houston, continuing in said position when the house changed to Mulhall, Scaling & Houston, extensive dealers in cattle, until the fall of 1882, when he was elected to the office of district clerk of Kaufman County.

Land Marks in Kaufman, Kaufman County, TX

The Huff-Park Home was built by Mr. W. L. Huff in 1889 and bought by Mr. J. W. Park in 1892.

This colonial home has ten large rooms, two wide halls, six fireplaces, nine large closets, three large porches and a big attic. Having been built of yellow pine with cypress siding the house has weathered the years in perfect condition having always been well cared for.

The original upstairs porch has been removed and the round column replace with large square ones. The double front doors are carved with the upper part having rectangular panels of leaded colored glass. The back porch has been enclosed and is a cherry gathering place winter and summer.

The rooms have never been changed in any way. Of particular interest are the ceiling of the two front rooms, originally the parlor and living room. These are the narrow beam painted wood type and they are mitered from each corner coming into the ends of central square from the center of which the antique brass light fixtures are hung.

These two rooms on either side of a long and wide front hall, as well as the dining room back of the parlor, have paneled dadoes of walnut stained wood. The mantel in the dining room is stained to match the dado. The other mantels are more formal.

The downstairs front hall is now completely carpeted, but the rooms have area rugs showing the wide plank flooring stained to match the dadoes.

The home is formally furnished. A very rare Chinese screen is in the dining room and a Chinese carved teak table is in the living room. A large tapestry hangs on the wall back of the couch in the same room. The house show to advantage many oil paintings of different sizes done by Mrs. Park and which are treasured by her family.

The house both inside and out gives a felling of repose, dignity and warm hospitality.

The Park's youngest daughter, Mrs. Christine Caldwell, lives in the home and gracefully carries on the traditions of her parents.


The original plot of Oakland Cemetery was conveyed by John R. Terrell on February 16, 1878, to Robert A. Terrell, Asa Holt, W. T. M. White, A. D. Edwards, J. M. White, B. B. Houghton, Rushing Brothers, S. A. Shortridge, G. W. Ridgell, J. C. and J. S. Griffith, J. L. Franklin, J. H. Muckleroy, John G. Moore and W. L. Huff for a consideration of two hundred and fifty-two dollars.

This plot consisted of seven acres of the J. C. Hale Survey. The deed specified that the land was to be used for cemetery purpose.

From "Kaufman County History VII" Kaufman County Historical Commission, 1984.



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